Character traits → Jimmy Novak

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Character traits → Garth Fitzgerald IV


Interviewer: Seriously, what’s he on?

Mike: Coke Zero.

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I apologize for my inactivity but I just completely screwed myself over this semester by taking on way too much, when I get the time I try to add posts to queue so hopefully this blog will not be inactive for long periods of time, but if it is then I’m sorry but I really can’t do much about it. Pretty much any spare time I do end up with I sleep, and that has been very much this semester.

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I just found this on my phone from a few months ago when I went to see Marianas Trench. Flash back to the best day of my life. Josh singin’ his little heart out. And oh look at cute little Ian in the back!

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Master Chau proverbs [x]

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